What’s New in Product: September 2023

What’s New in Product: September 2023

As we welcome the back-to-school season, we also return to exciting product updates from PhotoRoom! In this September product recap, you’ll discover more recent product releases for iOS, Android, and Web, as well as a sneak peek of upcoming product improvements. Grab your pumpkin spice latte and stay tuned for a taste of what’s next!

New Updates

Use an inspiration image for your Instant Background

In addition to manual and assisted prompts, you now have hijab girl dp the option to upload an image of your choice or search for an image from our Unsplash library as inspiration for Instant Backgrounds. Our AI will then attempt to generate similar backgrounds tailored to your preferences.

Multilingual captions and suggested scenes

Our AI will now give you “suggested scenes” in 30 more languages other than English. In the future, you will also be able to write custom prompts in other languages.

For: Pro and Business users

Platform: PhotoRoom for iOS, Android and Web

Coming soon

Better experience to switch backgrounds

We are improving your experience to switch to different types of backgrounds, including easier ways to reuse an Instant Background design. Stay tuned!

For: Free and Paid users

Platform: iOS and Android

PhotoRoom Widget on iOS 17

You will soon be able to add a PhotoRoom widget on your iPhone home screen as a shortcut to quickly remove background, use Instant Backgrounds and Instant Shadows. It is also compatible with iPad.

For: Free and Paid users

Platform: iOS (iOS 17 required)

Got product feedback?

We value your input to make PhotoRoom even better. If you have any suggestions for product improvement, pick a time here to speak directly to our team and impact the future of PhotoRoom.

How to edit product images in under 5 minutes

You’ve created or purchased your products, set up a website, claimed your social media profile and now it’s time to sell. But without product photography, there’s no way to share your collection with the world. 

But photographing products means you need to learn how to edit product images too. Things like removing backgrounds (and replacing them), improving lighting, adding shadows, and more can feel overwhelming for a small business owner who already has a long to-do list. 

Fortunately, there are AI product photography tools you can use to speed up the process and save money that you’d otherwise spend on photography and image editing services.

Not sure which tools to start with? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll learn how to edit product images with a range of free and low-cost AI photo editing tools created by PhotoRoom.

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