The Truth About the Kaninecare® Dog Tooth-Brush

So is the Kaninecare® Dog Tooth-Brush a scam or savior? When used as intended under guidance from your vet, this product seems to offer real benefits for dental health and a good solution for owners looking for an easy way to care for their dogs’ teeth at home. For many pet parents and their pooches, this chew toy toothbrush could be a savior for dental health and fresh breath.

How Does the Kaninecare® Dog Tooth-Brush Work?

The Kaninecare® Dog Tooth-Brush is designed to clean your dog’s teeth through chewing and brushing. It works in two ways:

First, the durable rubber bristles on the tooth-brush help loosen plaque and tartar as your dog chews on the toy. The bristles are made of chew-resistant rubber and are flexible enough to clean teeth but firm enough to withstand aggressive chewing.

Second, the tooth-brush releases a poultry-flavored paste from its center as your dog chews. This paste, which contains enzymes and abrasives, helps reduce plaque and brighten teeth. The paste is released through small holes in the center of the tooth-brush over a period of 7-10 days to keep teeth clean between brushings.

To use the Kaninecare® Dog Tooth-Brush:

Remove any packaging and wash the tooth-brush before first use. Rinse and air dry completely.

Offer the tooth-brush to your dog as a toy for chewing and playing. Supervise your dog with the toy at first to ensure proper and safe use.

Check the tooth-brush regularly and replace it every 4-6 weeks or sooner if bristles show significant wear. Do not allow small pieces to break off, as they could present a choking hazard.

For best results, use the Kaninecare® Dog Tooth-Brush as a supplement to regular tooth brushing and dental checkups. The tooth-brush can help reduce plaque in between dental cleanings but should not replace professional veterinary care.

By combining mechanical cleaning from chewing with chemical cleaning from the poultry-flavored paste, the Kaninecare® Dog Tooth-Brush provides a simple solution to improve your dog’s dental health and combat periodontal disease. With regular use and professional dental care, you can keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy for life.

Is the Kaninecare® Dog Tooth-Brush Effective at Cleaning Teeth?

The Kaninecare® Dog Tooth-Brush claims to be an effective way for dogs to clean their own teeth, but does it actually work? Several factors determine the effectiveness of this product.

Bristle Strength

The bristles on the Kaninecare® brush come in two strengths: Blue Classic and Green Extreme Chew. The Blue Classic bristles are made of nylon and suitable for most dogs, while the Green Extreme Chew bristles are made of thermoplastic rubber for aggressive chewers. For the best cleaning, the bristles need to be firm enough to remove plaque and debris, but not so hard that they damage the gums or enamel. Nylon bristles at a medium firmness are typically recommended by veterinarians for effective teeth cleaning.

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