Is Curvee Bodysuit Legitimate or Just Another Internet Hoax?

The quality of Curvee Bodysuit’s products is mixed, according to customer reviews. Some note the bodysuits are well-made, comfortable and effective at shaping and smoothing. However, others complain the sizing runs small, the material feels cheap, and the suits do not actually provide much shaping or support. Inconsistent product quality may be a sign Curvee Bodysuit cares more about profits than customer satisfaction.

Return Policy

Curvee Bodysuit offers a 30-day return policy for unworn and unwashed items in their original packaging. While a return policy is standard for most clothing brands and indicates good faith, some customers report difficulties actually obtaining a refund when returning unsatisfactory products. Strictly enforcing the return policy and not honoring refunds for defective items would be unethical business practices.


In summary, while Curvee Bodysuit exhibits some attributes of a legitimate company, certain factors like uneven product quality, strict return policies, and claims of poor customer service raise red flags. As with any online purchase, customers should exercise caution. The safest approach is to thoroughly research Curvee Bodysuit and read both positive and critical reviews before buying to determine if the potential benefits outweigh the risks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Curvee Bodysuit

Frequently asked questions about the Curvee Bodysuit shapewear line can help you determine if the product claims seem realistic and if it may be worth purchasing.

Is the Curvee Bodysuit scam or legit?

The Curvee Bodysuit company appears to be a legitimate shapewear brand that has been selling products since 2016. However, some customers have reported issues with sizing, quality, and customer service that call into question the brand’s claims about providing an ideal fit and shape for every body type. It may be wise to purchase from a third-party retailer with a generous return policy in case you have a similar experience.

How much does the Curvee Bodysuit cost?

Curvee Bodysuit shapewear ranges from $50 to $150 USD depending on the specific product. The brand frequently offers discount codes and sales of up to 50% off to bring prices down. The cost is in line with other premium shapewear brands.

What sizes does Curvee Bodysuit offer?

According to the brand’s website, Curvee Bodysuit offers sizes ranging from XS to 6XL to provide an ideal fit for any body shape. However, multiple customer reviews report that the sizing runs very small and it can be difficult to find larger sizes that actually fit and provide the level of shaping and compression advertised. It may be best to order two sizes up from your normal size.

What level of compression does the Curvee Bodysuit provide?

The Curvee Bodysuit claims to provide “light to firm” compression using a proprietary blend of nylon and spandex fabrics. The level of compression will depend on which specific product you choose. In general, you can expect light compression from their camisoles and tank tops, moderate compression from briefs and shorts, and firm compression from their full-body suits.

Is the Curvee Bodysuit comfortable for all-day wear?

While comfort levels will vary from person to person based on body type and the specific product, many customers report that the Curvee Bodysuit is comfortable enough for all-day wear, especially their camisoles, briefs and shorts. The material is breathable and designed to move with your body. However, some mention discomfort from the level of compression in certain areas. It may take some time to get used to wearing shapewear for extended periods.


After reviewing both the marketing claims and customer reviews for the Curvee bodysuit, you now have a balanced perspective to determine if it’s right for you. While the product may provide some shaping and smoothing, the steep price and questions around quality suggest it likely won’t live up to the hype for most. However, for those specifically seeking a bodysuit for certain occasions and willing to risk some imperfections, the Curvee could still satisfy. Ultimately, you must weigh your needs, budget, and tolerance for trial and error. If unsure, you may be better served starting with more affordable and proven shapewear options before investing in the Curvee bodysuit. But for the adventurous fashionista, the Curvee just might be worth taking a chance on.

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