Don’t Panic: Facebookmail Is an Official Facebook Email

Facebook may also contact you via [email protected] regarding important policy changes or updates that affect your account. For example, if Facebook is updating how they handle user privacy or data usage, they may send an email summarizing the changes and how your account will be impacted. These policy emails provide transparency into how Facebook operates and allow you an opportunity to adjust your account settings or delete your account if desired.

Always exercise caution if something seems suspicious about an email claiming to be from [email protected]. Look for indications it is fraudulent like requests for personal information, poor grammar or spelling, or links and attachments. When in doubt, you can also log in to your Facebook account directly to view any legitimate security or policy alerts. Facebook works diligently to prevent phishing and fraud, but cybercriminals continue to get more sophisticated in their attempts to steal user data and account access. Staying vigilant about email and online security is the best way to protect yourself.

3 Ways to Avoid Facebookmail Scams

To avoid falling for Facebookmail scams, follow these best practices:

Be wary of unsolicited messages

Facebook will not send you unsolicited messages asking for personal information like your password, credit card number, or social security number. Legitimate companies do not ask for sensitive data through email. If a message seems urgent or too good to be true, it is likely an attempt to steal your information. Delete these messages immediately.

Check the sender’s email address

Carefully inspect the sender’s email address in any Facebook-related message. Messages from Facebook will always come from an official Facebook email address ending in,, or Anything else is a scam. Some

common spoofed addresses used by scammers include:

Do not click any links or download any attachments from these fraudulent accounts.

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