Repair of plunger pump

   1. Start of plunger pump

   ①Turn on the cooling water

   ② Close, turn on the switch, click the start button, and check the rotation of the motor (No. 6). From the top to the bottom, it should be clockwise and must not be reversed. After checking, start the motor and oil pump.

   2, operation adjustment

   1) Quantitative pump:

   2) Variable pump

   ①Adjust the overflow valve (serial number 9-1) to adjust the oil pressure to adjust the slurry pressure. The adjusted overflow valve should be locked with a nut on the back of the G high-pressure pump, and there is no need to move the overflow valve every time it is turned on and off.

   ②Adjust the position of the two strikers on the carriage (No. 34) to adjust the plunger stroke.

   ③When the plunger (No. 20) and the sealing ring (No. 19) wear out and slurry leakage occurs, it is advisable to adjust the pressure water ring (No. 17) properly to prevent slurry leakage. In order to ensure that the sealing ring and the plunger are concentric, the upper end surface of the water pressure ring shall be parallel to the upper end of the stuffing box (No. 18), and the unevenness shall not exceed 0.5mm.

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