Reducing noise of slide valve vacuum pump

Reducing noise of slide valve vacuum pump

The noise of slide valve vacuum pump is mainly produced by impact. Whether it is the impact of pump oil or mechanical impact, the noise generated is related to the pump speed. With the development trend of pump speed to high speed, this problem is more prominent.

Compared with steel tank, the noise of cast iron tank can be reduced by (2 ~ 3) dB (a). The main reason is that the structure of cast iron is a little looser than that of steel plate, so it has a certain sound absorption effect. Moreover, the cast iron oil tank is thicker than the steel tank, and the sound insulation effect is better. If a layer of film is sprayed on the inner wall of the oil tank, the effect will be better. The structural shape of the inner surface of the oil tank should be designed to be asymmetric to avoid resonance sound.

The exhaust valve cover is connected with the oil-gas separator, which has the function of sound insulation and noise elimination. If the exhaust valve cover is removed, the pump noise will be much higher. If the oil-gas separator is properly designed, it will also have a certain noise reduction effect. For example, the “secondary cyclone oil-gas separator” designed by us has two collisions through the oil-gas separator in the transmission process, resulting in a certain loss of sound energy, which is conducive to noise elimination.



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