Everylife Diapers: Premium Diapers or Pricey Scam?

Frequently Asked Questions About Everylife Diapers

Are Everylife diapers really all natural and hypoallergenic?

Everylife diapers are advertised as being made from all natural, sustainable materials that are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and chemical-free. However, some consumers report that their babies have had adverse reactions to the diapers, such as rashes, irritation and discomfort. The diapers do contain natural materials like bamboo fibers and plant-based absorbent cores, but also use synthetic waterproof layers and adhesives that could potentially cause sensitivity. If your baby has sensitive skin, do a patch test on their inner arm before using Everylife diapers full time.

How many diapers come in a single box?

Each box of Everylife diapers contains six packs of diapers, with each pack containing between 18 to 35 diapers depending on the size. In total, a single box will provide 108 to 210 diapers which should last an average baby around 3 to 4 weeks. The exact number of diapers depends on your baby’s size and age. Newborn sizes contain more diapers while bigger sizes for toddlers contain fewer diapers.

Do I need to use special detergent to wash the diapers?

Everylife diapers are washable and reusable, but require certain care instructions to maximize their lifespan. It is recommended to use a fragrance-free baby detergent that is free from dyes and brighteners, which can damage the waterproof lining and cause leaks. A plant-based, eco-friendly detergent is ideal. Avoid using fabric softener which can coat the diaper fibers and reduce absorbency. For tough stains, make a paste from water and baking soda or water and white vinegar before washing as directed. Tumble dry the diapers on low heat.

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